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Our business offerings support you to survey, measure, analyze, troubleshoot and secure coverage, quality, performance and availability of voice and mobile broadband services throughout the network in a new, innovative, powerful and efficient way.

How well is the network performing?

About Us

  • Swedish company, founded in 2010
  • Located in Växjö and Stockholm, Sweden
  • 100+ customers, including mobile network operators
  • Products and service offerings are developed in-house from start to end, including: specification, design, end-user environment, test & verification etc.
  • IQMTEL has a vast experience of the radio access network sector, including: optimization, design, performance management, O&M etc.
  • Continued development of own code/services/applications
    • Agile development approach
    • Short TTM (Time To Market)
    • Flexibility and fast decision loops
    • 100% in-house development
    • Customer-specific adaptations
  • Main focus areas are:
    • SW development focusing on mobile network coverage and performance measurement products and services
    • Network consulting
    • Management consulting
    • SW development within logistics, management, resource handling and allocation domains within mobile network communications
  • Independent

Our Business


In today’s mobile network operator society, there are more challenges than ever before, including:

  • Rapidly growing data consumption
  • Declining average revenue per user (ARPU)
  • Tougher quality demands from well-aware subscribers
  • Fierce and competent competition
  • Increased network complexity vs. the need of OPEX reductions
These are just a few scenarios that mobile operators are facing today and IQMTEL’s portfolio is tailored to support our business partners to achieve the best possible situation in this highly demanding environment.

IQMTEL’s business – easy-to-use and extremely cost-effective software solutions to support our business partners to understand the real mobile network situation, through user friendly and intelligently developed applications in real time. All to support Operators to efficiently create the optimum performance and long-lasting way of working to strengthen their position while minimizing operational and capital expenditures.

Coverage maps is a unique survey, measuring and analysis tool, which supports you to compare and investigate mobile coverage in geographical areas and/or in specified indoor environments.

IQMTEL gathers coverage data using proprietary software solutions with the aid of e.g. garbage trucks

IQMTEL software license allows you to survey all mobile networks as often and with as many mobile phones as you like:

  • Standard Android® smartphones makes our system easy to use and it measures the real situation
  • Mobile phones are placed in specially designed holders, which are very easy to install and move from vehicle to vehicle when applicable
  • A survey begins when the truck is started and ends when the truck is turned off
  • Activation/de-activation of the measurements is totally automatic

Results from the performed measurements are presented in geographical coverage maps in Google Maps® – which are intuitive and easy to use

With the IQMTEL software license you can follow the performed surveys in real time via the customer portal, where geographical differences between mobile operators are easily discovered and analyzed:

  • Which operator has the best coverage for voice communications?
  • How good is the 4G coverage?
  • How does the overall coverage look like in a geographical area?

UPIcom is a unique, easy-to-use system for surveying, monitoring, analyzing and troubleshooting user experience for different kind of services, including both mobile broadband and voice communications throughout the mobile network.

IQMTEL collects measurement data via an Android® application in standard smartphones

Phones are then used to gather information and you select how to perform the surveys depending on needs, whether to survey a specific location, like in an office or along roads/streets/highways etc

  • Standard Android® smartphones makes the system easy to use
  • The IQMTEL application in the smartphone receives survey configurations automatically from the IQMTEL portal
  • All survey information collected is automatically transmitted to the portal for analysis, and is displayed on the web portal quickly and secure

The information is displayed via intuitive tables, graphs and maps on the web portal and then the information can be analyzed for further actions

Analyzing results in our specially adapted portal:

  • Which accessibility rate does a mobile operator’s service have in the specific location?
  • How good is the mobile broadband speed in different locations?
  • How good is the available voice service quality?
  • Which is the best performing mobile operator in a city?

Professional Services

IQMTEL provides specialist business support to companies, organizations and businesses of all sizes, supporting a business to professionally improve performance, productivity and growth across a number of areas, always with an emphasis on improved customer satisfaction, increased revenue and reduced cost.

The professional services domain currently covers job areas within:

For additional information, please contact us.

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Would you like to know more?

With IQMTELS’s easy-to-use and cost effective software solutions we support our business partners to understand the real mobile network situation through user friendly and intelligent applications in real time.

Based on the available information in the web portal, Operators are able to draw conclusions based on subscriber’s real situation, which will add possibilities to:

  • Improve the performance of the own network, which will improve subscribers perception, which leads to decreased churn rate and increased revenue
  • Increase efficiency in the way of working, which will decrease OPEX and increase revenue
  • Improve existing voice and mobile broadband services
  • Pin-point where to focus on improvement efforts, which will bring you closer to surgical precision in the decisions made

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